Message from Ate Elena at 6:02pm: "Gud nun po! Eto n ata ung mixer n mtgal m n hinihintay! xcited c dady m malaman m kya pinatxt ka nya"

Simultaneous YM messages from Nior and Manu: "guess who has a package downstairs? hahaha" and "dumating na mixer mo"

OH MY GOD. Ito na ang pinakahihintay kong araw.

At shempre, dahil ang swerte ko, may event ako tonight and I'm not going home `til late tonight. HAHAHA!

But I. AM. SO. EXCITED to go hooooooooome.


  1. saw Love-a-Lot's pics, you do look like a jolly little kid on Christmas morning. =) comownow, let's bake some s'mores!!!

  2. hahaha! yahoo! i'm baking s'mores and kahlua cupcakes tomorrow. woohoo!

  3. the men in your life are so adorable! kung si franco yan lalo pang itatago sakin, sira talaga yon.


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