Cups of cake

I'm obsessed with cupcakes! If you know of any must-try recipes, point their way to me.

I believe that this is the yummy road to cake-making. It's something I've always wanted to do, but I keep falling short. Huhuhu. I want to be able to make those multi-tiered cakes with deelish icing. Or Devil's Food Cake with Marshmallow Icing. YUM.

Cile and I were talking about KitchenAid (She got a red one, I want a pink one!) and she suggested that I have my mixer Gmasked. HAHAHA! Parang I like. Imagine, my white KitchenAid covered in cherries. Cute! And it won't be as expensive as this pretty baby. At least feeling bago ang mixer. d:

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