Coffee, cake, and shoes

I'm really tired, but I can't seem to get sleepy. I think it was the coffee I had earlier tonight with Mix and Lani. Haha, we were determined to keep the streak going. So even if it was for just barely an hour, we decided to meet up for cake and coffee after work, before going home.

And now I can't sleep. Yikes! To think I was falling asleep in front of my PC at work this afternoon. Seriously. Like I caught myself nodding off. Haha! Kakahiya! I hope no one saw me almost-dozing off. :P


A couple of days ago, I went around the mall with friends after lunch and I spotted these super simple sandals. I tried them on (which I kind of regret doing now haha) and they told me that the sandals made my feet look pretty. Hahaha! Now, I can't stop thinking about them! I told my mom and you know what she told me? "Why don't you buy it? You have money, right? What are you going to with your money, eat it?" Haha, gotta love my mom. :P I gave it a couple more days and I'm still thinking about them. So tomorrow, after work, I shall troop into the store and if those gold flat sandals are still there, destiny has decided that we're meant to be! Haha, all this drama over a pair of footwear! Hee.

Okay, the end.


  1. I FOUND U!
    iba na pala blog add mo hehehe!
    actually ako din.
    anu email mo? text mo sakin!


  2. uy ganyan din ako! when i find an item that i fall in love with, i can't stop thinking about it! that usually means I HAVE GOT TO BUY IT haha :) which isn't really a good thing sometimes... hehe:)

  3. hahaha. i'm like that too with stuff. but when it comes to shoes... go lang ng go! hahahaha.

  4. well, I bought it. hahaha!


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