Ten Things I'm Thankful For

♥ Afternoon silliness at the office pantry starring Dyan Valdyan
♥ A new body wash that smells like the beach
Kaladkarin dinner after work
♥ Bacon rice!
♥ Sondre Lerche ♥
♥ That kiss on New Girl!!!
♥ Seven years of being a Candy Girl
♥ Taking my to-do list to ta-da before the weekend
♥ Zombie!Nicholas Hoult
♥ One birthday in Christ, one birthday in heaven

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  1. Jaina Decena9:48 PM

    Hi Ms. Macy! I am an avid reader of Candy Magazine. Ive actually tried for the COC and correspondents but I never got the cut, but my hopes are still up! I hope me and my friend could work for your team on summer... It would really really mean a lot to me!!! I want my last summer of being a student to be extra special! *crossed fingers* kahit anong job sa candy i'll be thankful :)


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