What's In My Bag?

My spine deviates to the right ever so slightly—according to an x-ray I had done a couple of years ago. I think the contents of my bag might explain why. I always try to edit the stuff I put in my bag so I don't end up straining my shoulder, but by the end of the week, it always weighs a ton!

On weekends, I try to lug a much smaller bag and only bring the essential.

Why do I have a lot of notebooks? I really have no clue, either. I rarely ever write anything—just when we brainstorm or have meetings (and I usually just use one page). I actually started a silly little project illustrating what I wear everyday just so I don't put this pretty pink Moleskine (a gift!) to waste.

Notice anything common about the stuff inside my bag? I like patterns. I like color. And I like a lot of floral things. Now to find a fan that will match my things. The one I'm using now isn't even mine (found it in my college org's tambayan years ago) and it's so dirty!

Anywayyyy. I really wish I could post here regularly. I always look forward to downtime but these days, I hardly have any!

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  1. wow, that's a lot of stuff to pack into one bag ;-)


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